Terms and Conditions

4 Years Warranty Terms and Conditions

1. Up to 4 years manufacturing defect warranty is provided to Bartubeless wheel premium products.

2. For warranty registration
- Upon purchase, registration shall be done in website via QR code scanning (refer to warranty card).
- Related information shall be filled in registration page.
- Purchased invoice (PI) shall be attached in registration page.

3. For checking of warranty validity
- Warranty validity can be checked in https://www.bartpacific.com/

4. For defect claim
- Bartubeless wheel and purchase invoice (PI) shall be sent to dealer which the wheel was purchased.
(softcopy of purchase invoice is accepted)
- It can be sent to manufacturer, Bart Pacific as well.
- The claim will be processed accordingly.

This warranty covers any leaks in BARTubeless system due to the material itself and / or its application, for a period of 4 years from the date indicated on this certificate.
The warranty terms expire in the event of damage due to negligence, incorrect or improper use, incorrect assembly or disassembly of the tires, any type of tempering (mechanical or chemical) of BARTubeless, repair not complying with the procedure indicated on the website www.bartpacific.com, incorrect repairs of the wheel, defects attributable to third-party components, accidents, malicious acts, shipping and anything else not directly attributable to Bart Pacific SDN BHD.