Reinventing The Wheel

why BARTubeless®

The wire wheel

is a tension-ed structure that holds the characteristics of elasticity, resilience and the versatility necessaries for a use not strictly limited to track-racing: it is able to absorb all the mechanical loads given by the streets asperities, it also can still work after the breaking of some spokes and can be easily be repaired through the replacement of them.

The tubeless tire

makes unnecessary the tube reducing the frictions and the weight of the wheel, furthermore grants increased resistance and safety against puncture: those are, also, desirable characteristics on-road as in off-road.

Unfortunately those technologies do not merge very well between them. A wire wheel doesn’t suit a “tubeless” tyre because the air will leak out from the nipple seats. A biker was thereby forced to choose between the wire wheel and the tubeless, to give priority among the elasticity and the toughness of the wheel or the lightness and the safety of the Tyre.


is the first system, cost-effective and truly reliable, to transform a wire spoke rim in a “tubeless” one. 


BARTubeless® is a polymeric band tailored for each single wheel, that suits perfectly on the rim without the need of any adjustment or joint.

BARTubeless® Main Features

BARTubeless for Kawasaki KLX150 Drop Test Vs. Brand X wheelset.

BARTubeless® conversion bundles

Our BARTubeless® conversione bundles are tailored on the most common needs of bikers who want to switch to BARTubeless® and include, in addition to the transformation itself, additional services at advantageous prices!

Our bundles can include replacement of the old rim with a new anti-debeading one, new eco-galvanized or stainless steel spoke set, wheel balancing and centering.

Whether you are a beginner or pro, we have the best choice for you!

Our Wheel Use Only Rims by Excel Takasago Rim

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